brigitinne_046Please find here the information concerning the onsite dormitory spots and lofts!

For this edition there will be 116 onsite sleeping spots! You will be able to select your option during the registration beginning on the 1.8.2018. First come, first served.

Starting at 15€ per night you can stay at the marathon dormitory or the lofts which are next to the marathon venue. Full breakfast is included. You must bring your towel and, depending on the option you choose, sleeping bag and mattress.

The dormitory CAT A can be found on the second floor in the modern side of the marathon building. It will be used exclusively for sleeping and it’s perfectly isolated from the dancing and relaxing space with one “buffer” store in between. So there is no direct event noise in the sleeping area. On Sunday we close the CAT A and everybody has to move over to CAT B. Therefore if you want to stay an extra night until Monday morning and you are in CAT A, please select CAT B extra night on the registration form.

The dormitories CAT B or C (lofts) are situated in a modern building directly next to the church. 6 spacious apartments will welcome between 10 to 16 people, with your own equipment (CAT B) or in beds with bedclothes (CAT C). In all apartments, you will find a shower, a toilet, a kitchen with a small fridge and a table with 6 chairs. There is also individual broadband WIFI Internet, the access code is written on the base stations. There are no separate bedrooms. It’s dormitory style. We will do our best to group friends if requested.

The dormitory and the apartments will open on Friday 14th of December at 6 pm. Please be aware that there is no dormitory on Thursday!

CAT A : 49 spots available

  • second floor in the building
  • own equipment
  • free WIFI-Internet in the main hall
  • 49 spots in one big room
  • 4 showers + 6 toilets downstairs/ 1 toilet same floor

CAT B : 36 spots available

  • in building in front of the church
  • own equipment
  • free WIFI-Internet
  • in shared apartment from 10 to 16 persons
  • 1 toilet /1 shower per apartment

CAT C : 34 spots available

  • in building in front of the church
  • bed or comfortable mattress with bedclothes
  • free WIFI-Internet
  • just bring a towel
  • in shared apartment from 10 to 16 persons
  • 1 toilet /1 shower per apartment

There are also a few possibilities for double beds on demand.

Dormitory address: Les Brigittines, Petite rue des Brigittines 1, 1000 Bruxelles

If you prefer a hotel you can also search at some of the booking sites.

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