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10801886_10103083882915992_1101068845352738537_nAn exceptional location
This week-end of dancing will take place in Les Brigittines, Centre pour la danse contemporaine. In the very heart of Brussels historic city center: http://www.brigittines.be/

Address marathon venue
Les Brigittines, 1 petite rue des Brigittines, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Dormitory CAT A+B: apartments in front of the church



Plan Ground

Building plan, enlarge to see details

The dancing will take place in the old chapel which is a large cool place with high ceilings. We will build again the swinging wooden floor into the chapel! The building has a traditional good climate, when it’s hot outside it will be cool inside. If it’s cold outside it will be warm inside. That’s how these old stone buildings work.

There will be also seating inside of the chapel to watch the dancing.

The relaxing zone and the restaurant will be in the modern glass house building which is connected through two gateways to the church.



The dormitories CAT A or B are situated in a modern building directly next to the church. 6 spacious apartments will welcome between 10 to 16 people, with your own equipment (CAT B) or in beds with bedclothes (CAT A). In all apartment, you will find a shower, a toilet, a kitchen with small fridge, a table with 6 chairs and broadband WIFI access. There are no separate bedrooms. It’s dormitory style.

If you arrive by plane or train, you need to go first to the Gare du Midi and then to the marathon location. We therefore have also included this station as a marker so you can easily see your further itinerary to one of the marathon locations. If your train stops at Gare Central you can get off there and walk by feed, from that station it’s only 750 m to the marathon location or 9 min walk according to Google Maps! There is also a train station directly at the marathon location called Bruxelles Gare de la Chapelle but not all trains stop there. Some stop trains do though. That’s directly at the marathon location and the best option by train!

Bruxelles, La cita de los amigos tango marathon locations

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Marathon venue, Les Brigittines: 50.840655, 4.349178
Helper Dormitory Les Brigittines: 50.840655, 4.349178
Gare du Midi: 50.834825, 4.336517
marker icon
Marathon venue, Les Brigittines
Main marathon venue, Les Brigittines
Petite rue des Brigittines 1, City of Brussels, Belgium
marker icon
Helper Dormitory Les Brigittines
Location of official dormitory (booking only in advance)
Petite rue des Brigittines 1, City of Brussels, Belgium
marker icon
Gare du Midi
Gare du Midi


Detailed instructions if you arrive by public transport

From Brussels Zaventem National Airport:
Best formula from Brussels Zaventem National Airport: Take the train from level “-1”, follow the train pictogram at the airport, attention you might need to buy the train ticket with the “Diabolo” supplement, ask at the counter or use one of the selling machines. Get off the train at Brussels Central (It’s in walking distance to the venue +/- 750 m, 9 min walk). The national train company SNCB offers an app with realtime and network info.

Alternatively, and a tiny bit more complicated, you can also take the regular bus at the airport and buy a «Jump 72 h card» for 18€ from the Brussels public transport company called STIB/MIVB including transfer from Zaventem Airport (not Charleroi airport). It’s called Airport Line Ticket. This is interesting if you are living somewhere else than the marathon venue and you need to take the public transport during the whole weekend. There are also single transfer bus tickets, they cost 6€ or 4.50€ depending on whether you buy the ticket in the bus or at the machine in advance (If you just need the bus transfer, take also the return ticket, this makes a total of 9€ when bought from the machine but depending on where you will take the bus to return to the airport, it might be impossible to buy it outside the bus and inside the bus it’s at 6€!). The public transport company also offers an app with all timetable and network info.

From Charleroi Airport (Brussels South Airport):
To come from Charleroi Airport (Brussels South Airport), take the bus to Brussels Midi-Station and try to buy your return ticket via Internet: It’s cheaper. You can also buy it at the Airport bus desk but it’s a little bit more expensive. Here is the website for the shuttle bus Charleroi-Brussels: https://www.brussels-city-shuttle.com

From Brussels North Station (International bus station, Eurolines, etc):
Take the train to Brussels Central (or take a stop train to Brussels Gare de La Chapelle) and get off and walk to the venue

From Brussels South Station (Gare du Midi):
Walk to the venue (or take a stop train to Brussels Gare de La Chapelle)

The train station Brussels Gare de La Chapelle is just in front of the venue but there are very very few trains stopping there. You should ask the train attendants. Best alternative stations are Brussels-Midi (around 1200 m walking distance to the venue, 16 min) and Brussels Central (around 750 m walking distance, 9 min). The venue is in fact just in between these two train stations!


Arriving by car

The best parking solution is this one :
You can enter between 10h00 and 00h00, and go out anytime.
From 19h00 until 5h00, it will cost you 5€ for all the night.
To reach Les Brigittines you take the amazing elevator down to the Marolles, and walk 5 minutes in this nice neighborhood …
If you park in front of the building, only use explicitly marked public parking slots and please keep in mind that you need to fill the parkmeter regularily, it’s not very expensive but they control often and fine you if you don’t. Please do not park behind the building as we need this space for deliveries and it’s very unsafe, broken car windows and stolen items from experience. (N.B. when you park in the neighborhood, don’t leave any items in your car and keep drawers open to display that everything is empty!)

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