Invitation for La Cita de los Amigos Church Edition 28|29|30.10.2022

Dear Amigos,

28-30 October 2022 the next Church Edition of La Cita de los Amigos will take place in Brussels! Again there will be an open bar, two large brunches, a lot of snacks, surprises and the participation fee remains the same. We have removed the two dinner services which means that we will make a small dinner break and you can meet in the surrounding restaurants.

Registrations are now open via the website:

Password: Check your mail and the FB-group
Places are limited and we give priority to regular participants.

Accommodation options are detailed here:

We don’t know how will be the situation during next winter. Fortunately, most of us are doing quite well right now. We believe that scheduling La Cita de los Amigos Winter Edition as usual one week before the Christmas family meetings might be too risky. After four cancelled editions, we want to put all chances on our side to get back to church. Therefore La Cita de los Amigos Church Edition will happen this year exceptionally in October in Brussels.

Be ready and we hope to see you!



3 thoughts on “Invitation for La Cita de los Amigos Church Edition 28|29|30.10.2022

  1. Coucou Jens-Ingo, Benedicte,
    Il y a un soucis car ni Mustafa ni moi-même n’arrivons à la page pour les inscriptions.
    J’espère que vous allez bien. Bisousss
    Mee On

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